The AFSA International Aluminium Conference and Exhibition, 2022 (IACE2022) on the 26 – 27 October 2022 form part of the Aluminium Federation of South Africa’s (AFSA) overall strategic plan to position the South African Aluminium industry in the short, medium, and long term as a global supplier of primary and secondary Aluminium metal, parts and finished products. The conference will be a stepping-stone towards the vision of “Doubling Local Aluminium Demand by 2030”. It is aimed at industry, professionals, and academics, allowing both industry presentations and academic papers as part of the conference programme. The conference will enable networking, sharing information, and engaging the industry on the aluminium industry’s technology and competitiveness.

The AFSA International Aluminium Conference cannot take place without the support and participation of the industry.

Through long-standing relationships and dedicated support, the event has been a success over the many previous years.

We value our partners and sponsors. To become part of the vision of “Doubling local demand by 2030” and supporting the industry in their endeavour, please click here for more information.

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The aluminium conference and exhibition event is hosted and organised by the Aluminium Federation of South Africa. The Conference aims to position the South African aluminium industry as a premier supplier to the continent and the world.

The event boasts industry leaders sharing information about the aluminium industry and supply chain in South Africa and offers attendees the opportunity to network and build fruitful relationships and connections.

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