Conference Overview

The AFSA International Aluminium Conference and Exhibition, 2022 (IACE2022), will be hosted on 26 – 27 October 2022.

It forms part of the Aluminium Federation of South Africa’s (AFSA) overall strategic plan to position the South African Aluminium industry as a global supplier of primary and secondary Aluminium metal, parts, and finished products.

The Conference is a stepping-stone towards the vision of “Doubling Local Aluminium Demand by 2030”.

Who should attend?

If you are currently in the aluminium industry or wishing to generate contacts in the industry, this is the Conference for you. Current industry experts, professionals, and academics will be in attendance to share news, challenges, and academic papers as part of the conference program. The event is a prime opportunity to grow your network, generate new contacts, cement existing relationships, and develop the aluminium industry through the latest information on the aluminium industry's technology advancements and competitiveness.

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Fill The Form To Download The Brochure